We offer a maintenance service ensures that your IT infrastructure will never reach the point where major faults have to be repaired, reworked or optimised.

To grow into your IT partner and Outsourced IT Manager, Cyber Junction seeks to understand your business and the role IT plays in your business. To this end, Cyber Junction will always begin by evaluating any client using a asset management services. We will then use this evaluation to estimate what it will cost to maintain and support your network on a monthly basis.

This approach to support leads to improved uptime and reliability with the associated benefit of higher staff productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Prudential treatment
  • Improved overall reliability

  • Lower IT cost in the long term

  • Enhanced User Productivity
The services listed below form part of a comprehensive maintenance service offering :
  • General preventative maintenance on server and desktop machines.
  • Target uptime of 99.5 % on server and network architecture.
  • The formulation and implementation of formal IT Policies
  • Performance base lining of server and network hardware in support of early fault detection. (If supported by hardware)
  • Update and upgrade of anti virus software on a regular basis.
  • Application of relevant Operating System updates, patches and hot fixes.
  • Regular software license audits. (If so desired)
  • Standardization of desktop computing environment (If so desired)
  • Creation of comprehensive technical site documentation
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